For those of us that strive to be better, more empathic, creative, kind, consistent, TUNING is a fun way to think about that striving. TUNING is ongoing, it’s musical, and it’s collaborative.

TUNING has three components: Believing, Creating, and Organizing.

BELIEVING in ourselves and in others opens our hearts and our minds. It isn’t always easy. Believing is a choice we make everyday, and sometimes we fumble, but over time it becomes more natural.

CREATING ideas on our own or in collaboration with other people is a beautiful thing. We create gifts so that we can be generous, so that we can share. Gifts can be a meal, a hand made object, a poem, a book, a photograph, or a video.

ORGANIZING what we create, how we create, and why we create helps us free up some brain space. Freed-up brain space can be redirected to family, friends, self-care like rest, more creativity, or learning something new.