Hi, I’m Xanthe. I help people develop and launch their ideas.

WHY do I do this work? I believe that innovation serves us best when people from all walks of life are encouraged to be creative. In my work as a teacher and a mentor, I’ve helped hundreds of creative people take their ideas to the next level by helping them make prototypes, do customer research, and win grants and prize money.

BACKGROUND. I’m a first-generation college grad with a formal education in industrial design. A designer at heart, I stay current on a wide range of topics.

TOPICS INCLUDE: art; technology; design; entrepreneurship; social justice; manufacturing; education; cleantech; and agriculture.

I’d love to hear about how you are doing with your own work, whether you are feeling stuck or are on a roll. You can reach out to me through the ENGAGE page. I’d be happy to hear from you.




this is me in my studio with my sweet little dog, Sunny