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An Economic Approach to Pro-Mask Messaging

Why do we need everyone to be on board with mask-wearing? Mask wearing will help us move from a blanket mitigation response to COVID to a much more targeted & focused containment response. Mitigation is, “Stay at home, shut everything down.” Containment is, “Be out and about, shop at your local businesses, get the kids … Continue reading An Economic Approach to Pro-Mask Messaging

Protect Young Black Boys and Young Black Girls (repost)

Below I am sharing a post from the Mayor of Ithaca, New York, Svante Myrick. He wrote this piece in response to the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. I appreciate Myrick's story and the call to action he puts forth. On March 30, 2020, Svante Myrick wrote: Growing up I always felt lucky to … Continue reading Protect Young Black Boys and Young Black Girls (repost)

Polarization is the Problem Like a lot of us, I've been thinking about polarization and how that plays out in the public reaction to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. I appreciate this segment from Fareed Zakaria. In it he gives an empathic look at how class issues influence individual responses to the stay-at-home orders issued by experts. FZ reminds us … Continue reading Polarization is the Problem