Prelude: The TUNING Toolkit

The TUNING Toolkit is a set of tools that helps people turn their ideas into B.Corps, NonProfits, and DIY/Open Source projects that make the world better. While it can be used by individuals, the toolkit works best for small self-organized groups or for teachers and mentors guiding their students and mentees in their creative projects. … Continue reading Prelude: The TUNING Toolkit

TUNING Toolkit: from creativity to opportunity

We need more diversity among the leadership in the fields of business and technology. WHY? For two reasons: 1. Diverse leadership yields better outcomes for society 2. Diverse leadership helps close the income-inequality gap The statistics on diversity in these leadership roles are concerning: 5 Black CEOS and 25 Women CEOs in the Fortune 500Less … Continue reading TUNING Toolkit: from creativity to opportunity

How Might We Bring People Closer to the Social Justice Movement?

I’m a Democrat concerned about the future of the Republican Party.A problem that I observe in my own friend-and-colleague-circles is that Democrats can lump Trump-voters into one group. This causes harm.Why? Because Republicans aren’t monolithic. Many that I know are fiscally conservative, but socially moderate, which makes them have qualities and beliefs that even Dems … Continue reading How Might We Bring People Closer to the Social Justice Movement?


Populism - a political approach that strives to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their concerns are disregarded by established elite groups. I don't normally write about politics, but I am very concerned about our recent election. Trump has opened the door to populism and it seems that many in his party are considering … Continue reading UNDERSTANDING POPULISM