The Big Picture

I’m trying really hard to count my blessings as we wind down this terrible year. But that exercise feels a little off when there is so much to be sad and angry about. And while I don’t want to linger in the sadness, I want to give it the respect and thoughtfulness that it deserves.

A lot of people are dying from COVID right now, thousands every day. A disproportionate amount of those deaths happen to black and brown people. Why? Black and brown people are out working essential jobs and getting sick and receiving a lesser quality of care when they do. It’s a disgrace.

Yet in the context of this tragedy, there are things to be grateful for. The thing I am grateful for the most are people who fight for justice. They fight in many ways: by running for office; by writing letters to politicians; by organizing food pantries; by protesting in the street; by raising activist children; by writing and telling important stories. Thank you. Keep fighting. We will win.