from a walk in our neighborhood, mid-October

Thanksgiving looks different this year but for me it still feels like a good time to reflect on what I am thankful for. Below are some questions and prompts that you can think about on your own or you can discuss them with friends & family. I hope that they are helpful.


What are you most thankful for in your home?

What are you most thankful for in your town or city?

What are you most thankful for in the country?

What are you most thankful for in the world?


Silver Linings. Is there a silver lining to this challenging year? If so, what is it?

Great Escape. What has been your favorite escape from reality? A book, movie, show, activity?

Clever Hack. What is your favorite trick for adapting to the challenges that come with physical distancing?

Go & Grab. Take 30 seconds to go & grab an object in your home that reminds you of your family and friends. Come back and do a show and tell.

Boring Fact, Interesting Fact. This can be about you, your week, your year, your life. Go around and share a boring fact and then an interesting one.

HT: 29 Design Studio for “Go & Grab” and “Boring Fact / Interesting Fact” prompts.


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