Coda: The TUNING Toolkit

The TUNING Toolkit is a set of tools that helps people turn their ideas into B.Corps, NonProfits, and DIY/Open Source projects that make the world better. It’s designed specifically for projects sparked by a desire to help people.

The TUNING Toolkit is kicked off with a Prelude and ends in a Coda. In between the two are three sections: BELIEVE, CREATE, and ORGANIZE. 

BELIEVE. This section discusses the importance of believing in yourself and defining your overarching goal. You’ll find tools here for navigating doubt and distractions.

CREATE. This section offers several tools to help you collaborate and to be flexible and open to stakeholders’ perspectives and emergent ideas. 

ORGANIZE. This section discusses how to launch a project into the world and how to expand or scale it.

While this toolkit is written linearly, it contains concepts that can be revisited throughout the process of working on your project. So even though you’re at the end of this series, your project lives on and you will continue to face challenges and decisions to be made. I hope you will continue to visit the ideas and exercises in this book to help you move forward.

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