BELIEVE: Reclaim Your Energy


Coming up with ideas for new projects is fun. But sometimes after we have an idea for a new project, we talk ourselves out of it: we don’t have the time; we aren’t qualified; someone else could do it better. Those excuses are often manifestations of fear. And rather than manage that fear, we give up. 


We need to learn to recognize fear and to manage it. While fear may serve us in some circumstances, it is often simply an energy drain. 

It is energy, not time, that is the most valuable resource of all. Anyone can find an hour each week to work on a new project. The real challenge is finding the physical and emotional energy to commit to that hour.

The good news is that managing fear and its manifestations can actually free up energy, and we can channel that reclaimed energy into projects that matter to us. 

Make no mistake, managing fear is really hard. It requires ongoing work. But it’s worth it.


  • RECOGNIZE FEAR. This could sound like this: “Hmm I’m feeling bad about myself. That’s fear making me feel that. Fear is trying to distract me and zap me of my energy.”
  • MAKE A DECISION to take back the energy so we can spend it where we want to spend it. This doesn’t mean that we get rid of fear because for most of us fear is always there. But we can kick it out of the driver’s seat and put it in the back. 
  • HAVE A PLAN. Nothing makes it easier for fear to get into the driver’s seat than when we don’t have a plan. The plan should not be complicated. It should be simple and flexible. But we need one so that when fear tries to derail us we can lean on a plan that shows us where to go. (tip: update this plan weekly in a paper or digital journal)

Remember, some days are better than others. Sometimes we lose this battle with fear and that’s perfectly natural. The important thing is that we get back up when we’re ready. Don’t quit, re-commit. 

END NOTE this post is part of series that fleshes out The TUNING Toolkit – a toolkit that helps people move their ideas forward