Gig Workers are the v.1 Robot Army

In the spirit of “helping people move their ideas forward,” I often write about the future. Enjoy.

Some gig workers want more rights. Some legislators want gig workers to have more rights. But Big Tech Companies that use gig workers have no incentive to give workers more rights. They see gig workers as the low resolution prototypes for the robotic and automated systems they are striving towards. These companies aim to be employee-less some day.

The thing is, gig workers aren’t just prototypes. They are an important part of the R&D team. And not only that, but they are an essential part of the sales team.

Given all of the value they provide the companies they work for (with?), wouldn’t it be nice they could work toward owning stock or being a part owner? Wouldn’t it be great if the suits decided to give back, to do the right thing, to use their billions to make workers’ lives better?


Pivot Schooled talks with a gig worker organizer and a big tech CEO, Sep 8, 2020