Representation Matters

I appreciate seeing and hearing interviews with Black Lives Matter protesters from cities across the country. There seems to be a shared feeling that something has changed. A lot of times in these interviews the protesters remark on how diverse the group is. That diversity is important.

But what may be even more important is diversity in government. The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) was founded in the early 1970s with 14 members. Fifty years later it has 55. Diverse representation in congress has the power to create and pass legislation that not only protects people of color, but invests in their future through job creation programs, public education reform, and more.

Voting matters.

I live in a small but liberal city in Upstate New York. I will vote. My community votes. But I want to help increase the number of voters in swing states. Toward that end, I’m writing letters to those people. I’m doing it through and organization called Vote Forward. They are well organized. All you have to do is register, wait 24 hours to get approved, then receive a kit for letter writing.

Fun fact, they say in their FAQ section that personal touches increase the effectiveness of letters. As a designer, this is music to my ears. It’s a legitimate excuse to make little “vote” banners to slip into the letters.

If you are interested in starting a letter writing campaign or even hosting a letter writing party, sign up here