ORGANIZE: from Prototype to Knowledge

REVIEW The TUNING Toolkit has three sections: BELIEVE, CREATE, and ORGANIZE. In the BELIEVE section, we set goals. In the CREATE section, we collaborated and brainstormed. ORGANIZE is the third and last section of the toolkit. In this section, we will think strategically about what to create and how to launch what you create into … Continue reading ORGANIZE: from Prototype to Knowledge

Prelude: The TUNING Toolkit

The TUNING Toolkit is a set of tools that helps people turn their ideas into B.Corps, NonProfits, and DIY/Open Source projects that make the world better. While it can be used by individuals, the toolkit works best for small self-organized groups or for teachers and mentors guiding their students and mentees in their creative projects. … Continue reading Prelude: The TUNING Toolkit

TUNING Toolkit: from creativity to opportunity

We need more diversity among the leadership in the fields of business and technology. WHY? For two reasons: 1. Diverse leadership yields better outcomes for society 2. Diverse leadership helps close the income-inequality gap The statistics on diversity in these leadership roles are concerning: 5 Black CEOS and 25 Women CEOs in the Fortune 500Less … Continue reading TUNING Toolkit: from creativity to opportunity