Plant Based Leather is Better than Plastic Leather

I make leather bags. Leather is a byproduct of the cattle industry. Since I only make a few bags a month, I feel ok about using leather. But I was raised a vegetarian and empathize with those values so I’m interested in “vegan” leather. If I were to scale, I’d be motivated to use vegan leather for a sizable portion of my work.

The problem is that vegan leather on the market today is made from plastic/crude oil. For me, it doesn’t make sense to switch from leather to plastic. However, there are a few startups that are making leather from agricultural waste. These plant based leathers are several years off from being commercially available to small batch producers like me, but their creators are already piloting with big brands like Stella McCartney. This is a good sign.


Plant Based Fashion (Wallpaper, May 2019)