Making a Bag, Start to Finish

A slightly imperfect photo essay on making a saddle-stitched leather bag.

  1. Choose the leather
  2. Evaluate the hide
  3. Measure out with a template
  4. Cut a “blank” – this is what I call a piece of leather that is cut to size for a bag
  5. Glue it up and clamp it (not shown)
  6. Mark the stitching line with a stitch groover
  7. Punch the stitching holes with a diamond chisel
  8. Clamp the blank in the stitching pony
  9. Saddle stitch with 2 needles and waxed thread
  10. Trim, Burn, and Tuck the thread-end with an awl
  11. Tamp down the stitching with a rawhide mallet
  12. Photograph