Over, Under, and Through!

TUNING is a new venture for me. For the most part, it has been exciting and rewarding. But there are some days (and nights) that are hard.

For context, I spent the past 10 years teaching innovation processes to college students and adults. Something that’s unfortunate about the innovation literature is that these hard parts get glossed over. This glossing over is unfortunate because if you’re going to take the leap and try something new, you need to know that you are signing up for a good amount of discomfort.

Yesterday was an uncomfortable day for me. I had to work really hard to have enough patience and faith to sit with my discomfort. “This is just part of the creative process,” I reminded myself, “In time I’ll work through it.”

Anyways, something that made me laugh yesterday was remembering a funny Tina Fey bit about external factors getting in the way at work. (Only tangentially related to what I was wrestling with, but a laugh is a laugh and I’ll take where I can get em!)

In Fey’s book, Bossypants, she has this passage about how to navigate sticky situations in which she references a sketch from Sesame Street called, “Over, Under, and Through!” I’ll share her bit and the sketch below. Enjoy!

excerpt from Tina Fey’s Bossypants

video of sketch from Sesame Street